Getting the residence permit

Administrative support service for the residence permit request

The University of Torino provides foreign students or workers spending a period at the University of Torino with support  to obtain visa and the residence permit.

In case of the residence permit renewal or for its conversion (e.g. convert your residence permit for study reasons into a residence permit for work reasons), we advise you to contact the support service about 30 days before it expires.
The front office is located in via Sant'Ottavio 17/4 – Torino (Mon, Wed, Thu: 9.00-12.00). For information it is recommended to contact before the office by e-mail (

A short four-step guide to getting the residence permit

Step 1
Collect the kit including the application form and instructions on how to fill it in from an authorised post office.

Step 2
Collect the necessary documents (photocopies must be in A4 format):

  1. 2 copies of the page of your passport containing your personal data
    2 copies of your student Visa and a copy of  any other passport page containing entry and exit visa stamps
  2. a copy of the tax code (Codice Fiscale), you can request at one of the offices of Agenzia delle Entrate 
  3. a copy of your invitation letter released by the University of Torino (sealed/stamped by the Italian Consulate when entry visa was issued)
  4. a copy of the self-declaration certificate of arrival at the University of Torino that you are required to print at the University Infopoint, stating the beginning of your mobility period
  5. a 16-euro duty stamp (“marca da bollo”) that can be purchased at any tobacco shop
  6. a copy of the document certifying adequate financial resources available for the span of time covered by the residence permit (e.g. Scholarship)
  7. the receipt of payment of the 107,50 Euros due for the Electronic Permit of Stay (the payment form is included in the Post Office Kit)
  8. the Post Office Application Kit carefully filled out
  9. one photocopy of the receipt of the health insurance

Step 3
After filling out the application form, you must hand it at any post office where there is a dedicated “Sportello Amico” counter, within maximum 2/3 days.

The postal expenses amount to € 30,00.

The post office employer will check your passport (remember not to seal the envelope of the kit!) and will give you a receipt containing a user id and a password.

Remember to carry the postal receipt with you, or at least a copy of it all the time, together with your passport, until you receive your electronic residence permit.

Step 4

From the post office you will be given an appointment (day and time) at the Questura Immigration Office in order to be fingerprinted.

On that day, you will be required to bring 4 identical passport photos and the original documents, whose copies were enclosed in the application kit, including any document that could be missing in your application.

Usually about 6-8 weeks after, you can collect the residence permit at the Immigration Office (you will receive an sms message at the number you indicated when you filled out the application form).

By using your user id and your password (without the hyphen “_ ”) on your postal receipt, you will be able to check the status of your application on the Portale Immigrazione website ( go to: “Area riservata stranieri”, then fill in your user id and password).