Health insurance

For EU Citizens

Students and guests of the University of Torino from European countries can access the health care supplied by the Italian SSN- Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (National Health Service). To access health care, you must visit to a doctor, bringing your identity card and the original (plus a copy) of the European Health Insurance Card (TEAM), or a substitutive statement (Modello E106). A list of the doctors operating with the National Health Service is available at each Azienda Sanitaria Locale (ASL) or or at any Chemist’s.

For non-EU citizens

Immigration law requires you to have a health insurance during your stay in Italy. You have three options to guarantee your health coverage:

  1. You can get a private insurance in your country. Please remember that, in order to be valid in Italy for obtaining the residence permit, it needs to have the following requirements:
    ​- it has to be valid in the Schengen Area 
    - it has to be taken out in the holder’s name (in western characters), state the exact coverage period and the type of coverage for the medical expenses, must   have € 30.000 ceiling (expressed/converted in Euros)
    - it has to be written in Italian (or in English, French, Spanish).
    The whole document has to be endorsed and stamped by the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country.
  2. When in Italy, you can get private insurance though an Italian insurance company, that will cover urgent medical assistance (surgery and accidents) in the Emergency Room (Pronto Soccorso) of any hospital.
  3. You can subscribe to the Italian National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - S.S.N.). At present the price for students is € 149,77 a year; the payment is valid for a calendar year, that is, until the 31st of December of the year when the payment has been made. In order to subscribe, first you have to pay € 149,77 at any post office, by filling in the F24 form (MODELLO F24). After submitting your residence permit application, you have to go to the A.S.L. office (the local administrative and operative facilities of the National Health Service) in the area where you live and apply for the subscription, bringing along: your passport, the residence permit receipt and the payment receipt for MODELLO F24.
    The public coverage provided by the National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) provides full health assistance - including the possibility to choose a family doctor. In the Italian health system, the family doctor gives general or 1st level health assistance, i.e., health care outside the hospital, hence including medical treatment in case of ordinary diseases or no-emergency health problems, and prescribes medicines and tests.

Lastly, those who have a document proving their right to health assistance on the basis of treaties and bilateral agreements signed by Italy and one’s own Country, which has been issued by the Italian Embassy/Consulate in their Country, can show this document to make use of the health services stated in the agreement. For more information, it is necessary to apply to the A.S.L. in the area of domicile.