How to learn Italian

How to learn italian - Copyright Andrea GuermaniWhether you will be here for a long period of time or for a short one, whether you are already a speaker of Italian or you have never had anything to do with it, whether your aim is basic survival or to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the culture of Italy, the University of Torino offers several options to non-native speakers and you will certainly find the right one for you!

Marco Polo Project and Turandot Project for Chinese students - Welcome services and language courses

Marco Polo and Turandot Projects promote the presence of Chinese students in Italian universities and Institutes of High Training in Art and Music (AFAM). In cooperation with the University Language Centre, the Confucius Institute of Torino and the Centre for Advanced Studies on Contemporary China, the University of Torino provides welcome services and courses of Italian language held in Chinese language, tailored to meet the specific needs of Marco Polo and Turandot Programme.