Master programs - Copyright Andrea GuermaniWhat is a master program?

The aim of a master program is to reinforce, broaden and expand the knowledge, skills and expertise of graduates and postgraduates in very specific fields of study. Very much oriented to the professional world and its demands, a master program normally involves a final internship. A master program lasts at least one year and can be accessed only after a selection process, since the number of places available is limited.
It is necessary to underline that a master program as conceived in the Italian higher education system is not a master degree which – not only in English-speaking countries but also in the whole area of the Bologna Process – corresponds to the Italian “laurea magistrale”. There are first and second level master programs.
More information on the Italian academic system is available on the University of Torino website. 

Costs, scholarships and deadlines

Enrolment fees and the dates on which they are due will vary according to the course. You will find detailed information checking the website of each master program. There are grants available for certain master courses. The amount of grants and the procedures required are explained in the website of each master program. 

Learn about our first level and second level master programs taught in English at the University of Torino: