PhD students

The University of Torino selects prospective PhD students through annual open competitions, which involve entrance examinations. All information on admission requirements, examinations, PhD programmes, number of positions with or without scholarships are announced in an official notice called "Call for applications" (Bando di concorso). The call is generally issued in Spring. 
It is only possible to submit an application to PhD Programmes in reply to a call for applications

The full list of PhD programmes is available on the University of Torino website: please refer to the specific calls for detailed information on admission requirements, positions available, and entrance examinations.

Opportunities and services offered to international PhD students:

  • Internationalisation of PhD: international PhD programmes, PhD thesis "en co-tutelle", specific scholarship programs to enhance your international academic career
  • Residence permit: administrative support service for the residence permit request
  • Accommodation: a range of options to help international PhD students find an accommodation in the city
  • Health and insurance: information about insurance requirements and the national healthcare system
  • Local staff support before you leave home and when you arrive
  • Infopoint: an information office to welcome and support students, graduates and international guests.