Facts and figures

  • 29 PhD courses
  • 115 funded projects with the European FP7 Programme for Research with a EU contribution of about 30.416.000 € euro
  • more than 21 milion € budget devoted to scientific research provided by national funding,
  • more than 22 milion provided by the University of Torino
  • 1136 research fellowships in the past two years

Research - Copyright Università degli Studi di TorinoThe University of Torino promotes scientific research and innovation through:

Each department is in charge of coordinating and fostering scientific research, thanks to national and international funds. Other special structures within the university, are directed to conduct specific research activities of interdisciplinary character or of particular relevance and complexity. Inside, researchers from different departments pursue common goals in collaboration with research agencies, external consortia with whom they share scientific purposes.

Learn about a short list of the so called first level centres at the University of Torino:

  • Agroinnova: Centre for Innovation in the Agro-Environmental Field
  • ALI: Institute for the Italian Linguistic Atlas
  • CIRSDE: Interdisciplinary Centre for Research and Study on Women
  • CLA: University Language Centre
  • Dental School: Centre of Excellence for Research, Teaching and Service in Dentistry
  • MBC: Interdepartmental Research Centre for Molecular Biotechnologies