Royal palaces and residences

It is possible to trace the path of Savoy residences along the Crown of Delights: beautiful castles, imposing palaces, rich theatres and churches recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site...

Reggia di Venaria - Copyright Andrea Guermani

  • Palazzo Madama: a charming and beautiful palace standing just in the centre of the city.
  • Palazzo Reale (the Royal Palace): it was the first residence of the Savoy dynasty. Considered one of the best preserved European palaces, famous architects such as Guarini and Juvarra contributed to its beauty.
  • Palazzo Carignano: the most significant example of Baroque art In Turin. It is famous for being the seat the first Italian Parliament.
  • Venaria Reale: originally conceived as a hunting residence, it is now one of the most important artistic and cultural sites in Turin and greater Italy. Concerts, exhibitions, cultural and entertainment activities are performed here every day, all year round. The palace is surrounded by 80 hectares of beautiful gardens.
  • Stupinigi: a hunting residence, surrounded by a 150,000 square meter-park, it was one of the Savoy’s  favourite places for celebrations and weddings.