Save-budget ideas

For your meals out

There are several cafès and bars along Via Verdi, Via Po, Corso S. Maurizio, Via Roero di Cortanze offering meals at student-friendly costs (pizza+beverage, primo piatto or secondo piatto+ beverage, sandwiches, salades). If you fancy take-away food you can choose among pizza al taglio and focaccerie (usually small shops where you can take slices of pizza or focaccia, there are dozens of them in the university areas), panetterie (bakeries, normally selling pizza, focaccia, sometimes sandwiches for lunch), piadinerie (selling piadina, a sort of wrap filled with a variety of cheeses, cold cuts and vegetables) or, less traditional but very appreciated by students, kebab shops.

For your food shopping

Vegetables and fruit are usually cheaper in open markets than supermarkets. There is, at least, one street market in every neighbourhood where to find good deals and fresh products.

For your free time

Remember that university students get discounts in a variety of places, from cinemas to theatres, museums, sport venues, and so on. Make sure you have your university card with you all the time!
Also, cinemas are usually more expensive in the weekend, whereas offer discounts and promotions on week days. Typically, on Monday and Wednesday tickets cost 4/5€.