Visiting Professors' experience

Get to know the Visiting Professors at the University of Torino for the a.y. 2017-2018, discover what they do and what they think about their visiting experience.

Marco Barbero - Switzerland
Federico Gobbo - Netherland
Enrique Ortega - United States of America
Marco Pasi - Netherland
Marek Łukasik - Poland
Moritz Zaiss - Germany
Santiago Di Lella - Argentina
Peter Clarke - Ireland
Daniel Serge Meier - France
Maria Vlassopoulos - Greece

Gunter Figal - Germany
My experience at UniTO

Valentina Perissi - United States of America
My experience at UniTO

Mehdi Toloo - Czech Republic
My experience at UniTO

Peter Clarke - Ireland
My experience at UniTO

John Dumai - Australia
​My experience at UniTO